AgriMark NarjtieFees   

October 2016


The AgriMark NarjtieFees that was held on Saturday, the 1st of October 2016, where iFood had the opportunity to promote the new RimFresh product range.


Cool morning weather and a little wind didn't prevent 4000 visitors from the surrounding area, from enjoying a day out, watching various South African artists perform on stage and browsing the many stalls with plenty of food and drinks choices.


The RIMFRESH banners could be seen from afar and many people were informed and educated regarding the unique biological qualities of Rimfresh rim blocks, which is the best choice for all types of toilet systems. Rimfresh comes in two fresh fragrances; Alpine and Zest.


People who had septic tank systems were very interested in the Rimfresh product range, as they realized the great benefit from using this biological and natural product that enhances the biological breakdown of the waste rather than using commercial toilet products containing harsh chemicals. Rimfresh therefore cleans with nature!